Volunteer Spotlight

How One Volunteer has Made a Lasting Impact

Article Written by FAPL Volunteer Lisa Molnar

My name is Lisa Molnar and I’ve been volunteering at FAPL for 5 years.  My love for animals was something instilled in me my entire life as a young girl.  I initially began volunteering to walk and spend time with the dogs.  What started out as a few hours each week, turned into 3 days a week, and often more. Quite a few dogs came home with me on a Friday night for a “sleepover away from the shelter”, which was something I so enjoyed doing a few years ago as well. Dogs then would be promoted on social media the next day, which almost always led to immediate adoptions!  One of the last sleepover dogs ended up staying permanently, so as my house became quite full I had to sop doing this. Upon retirement from my teaching job, I began spending more and more time at the shelter and quickly fell in love spending time with the cats as well. 

My passion has always been in photography, and I also help take pictures for the website and social media, too.  This led to me starting my own FaceBook page called Meet the Adoptables at Friendship APL a few years ago.  It has grown to over 6,000 followers and quite a few adoptions!  I started this page to promote many of the animals on a daily basis, and to also share stories of animals that are now in loving homes.  As a volunteer, I now spend time walking the dogs, caring for and socializing cats, cleaning litter boxes and other general cleaning, taking dogs for outings to the park, working daily on the website and my FB page, contacting and helping to train new volunteers, and anything else that may arise! My time at Friendship APL, while often exhausting, has truly been something that has been so rewarding!