Fleas, Ticks, Mosquitos…OH MY!

Why You Shouldn't Think Twice About Flea/Tick/Heartworm Prevention

Article written by Intake Staff Member Hannah Schramm

Although it does not feel like it, Spring is here- and so are common external parasites like fleas and ticks. Finding a parasite on your pet can be especially startling. The easiest way to deter fleas and ticks from living on your pet is by applying a monthly preventative, typically distributed by your veterinarian, pet store, or pet pharmacy. Preventatives can be given to your pets orally, like a treat, or topically, on the back of their necks, depending on the product. Parasite preventatives also act as deworming treatments and fight against other common parasites that live internally as well. Flea and tick preventatives not only keep your pets comfortable from otherwise bothersome pests, but also help protect them from diseases that can be transmitted through tick bites, such as Lyme Disease, Ehrlichia, and Anaplasmosis. In Ohio, Lyme Disease is becoming increasingly more common due to the rising tick population. Veterinarians and animal shelters alike are seeing a rapid increase in cases of tick borne disease and Friendship APL and their rescue partner organizations are no exception.

Parasite preventatives may also include a component that protects against Heartworm Disease. Heartworm Disease is a condition that is transmitted through carrier mosquitos. Heartworm Disease, if left untreated, can result in lung disease, heart failure, damage to other organs, and even death. Before starting on a Heartworm preventative, your pet may be tested for the disease by your vet. Products including the Heartworm Disease preventative must be obtained through your veterinarian or through a pet pharmacy with a prescription from your vet. Cats and dogs alike are affected by these diseases, likewise, they can be treated preemptively with appropriate products.

The Friendship Animal Protective League offers parasite preventatives for the public at a low cost ($15 for cats and $18 for dogs) that can be purchased at the front desk.


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